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John Galliano Got the Boots from French Fashion House Christian Dior over Viral Racist, Anti-Semitic Slurs Caught on Video

Everybody knows that Dior is a leading luxury fashion group.  It has some of the best designers working under its label in many parts of the world, especially Italy, England, Hong Kong, Paris and New York.  John Galliano has been one of its top designers who is known and respected by most stylists, designers and clients.  Industry insiders state that he has been a powerhouse who has displayed and erected shows from London, Paris, to New York city.  The taller you reach, the more noise news about you makes or the more ripples that exist.

Such is the case of John Galliano who was caught engaging in a racist rant on camera.  The video was shot last December at la Perle.  He was spewing anti-semitic profanities on patrons at a Paris bar.  He is facing anti-semitism accusations in Paris.  He will have to appear before a magistrate to explain his love for Hitler.  The major French Fashion House was backed in a corner.  It had to act, it had to fire John to distance itself from his abuse and slurs.  A rep for the fashion house gave the position of Christian Dior, ""I very firmly condemn what was said by John Galliano, which totally contradicts the values which have always been defended by Christian Dior...,"

The news about John's slurs spread like wild fire.  It rocks the fashion industry.  From the Hollywood mavens to the top designers who know John, there is open shock.

Natalie Portman, 2011 best actress with the Black Swan, said she wants nothing with this designer.  Bear in mind that Portman is proud of her Jewish heritage just like anybody should be and should not let another person put him/her down.  "Portman, who is Jewish, said she was "deeply shocked and disgusted" at the video clip and wanted nothing more to do with Galliano.
"In light of this video, and as an individual who is proud to be Jewish, I will not be associated with Mr Galliano in any way," the "Black Swan" actress said in a statement."

From Donatella Versace, Giorgio Armani, to Givenchy and LVMH, everyone laments such an episode of carelessness and unbecoming behaviors.

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